Indie Darling: Leah Stoltz


The lovely Leah Stotlz has the easy-going, jovial presence that will strike a chord with everyone. She’s appearing in “Phoenix Incident” which is having quite the festival run with screenings at the Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest and then at the Cinequest Film Fest. Based on the infamous Phoenix Lights incident in Arizona which go some way in proving that the truth is really out there and Aliens in UFOs do exist. She was also part of a short called “Locksmiths” that made the Cannes Court Métrage which in itself is a laudable event.

Here’s Leah talking about her some of her exciting features including her role in “Phoenix Incident:

I was pretty excited that Locksmiths made it into Cannes this year. I play Anne, who is tragically killed in a car accident on our honeymoon and my husband, Tadashi tries to bring me back to life in the most horrific way. The film may seem like more of a horror but it is really a deep rooted love story. There are two locksmiths who break into Tadashi’s home not knowing that one of them has something he has been searching for for a long time, and he will do anything to get it to complete his masterpiece. Tadashi is played by the very talented Yuki Matsuzaki from ‘Letters From Iwo Jima.’ Being that both roles were so emotional for Tadashi and Anne, the director, James Kwon Lee had us do a few excursions preparing us for the things that were to come. I was honored to work with such a great cast and crew. Would love to do it all over again.

I have a film called The Phoenix Incident directed by Keith Arem where I play the young Susan Lauder (see pic of her below)..based on the true events of the Phoenix Lights Incident back in 1997. I am currently in negotiations on a few more projects that will be filming this year.


In a time when diversity on screen has become such a contentious issue, it’s great to see Leah in the tv series “Sangre Negra” last year where she played latina club owner, Victoria Ramos. Boasting a cast of varying ethnicities, “Sangre Negra” is most certainly going against the grain of what this year’s Oscars represent what with the celebrities boycott fronted by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Perhaps that could be a bigger shift of focus instead on championing indie talents such as Leah who themselves are pouring heart and soul into their craft. Canadian cutie Leah might just be one of those game changers we would love to adore.

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