Sizzling Cutie: Shakira Barrera

We’re back to fawning over the most gorgeous women on TV and upcoming starlet Shakira Barrera is eye-catching in striking fashion this week. She guest-stars on “Rosewood” in the episode called ‘Paralytics and Priorities’ as Andi aka Killswitch, a hacker with quite the cocksure attitude. Getting under the skin of Det. Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Captain Ira Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) has to be the highlight and Shakira essays her character’s audacious boldness with a streak of cheekiness. It’s so easy to manipulate the cops when you have the cards in your hand!

This Nicaragua-born beauty has dazzled previously on television and it’s the very medium where where we can’t wait to see Hispanic talents such as Shakira go on the charm offensive. Just last year, we’ve been treated to Demi Lovato on “From Dusk Till Dawn” playing Wilmer Valderrama’s main squeeze and Shakira herself who had a meaty role as Vashti Nadira, committed curator of the school Tumblr in the lesbian comedy series “Faking It”. With Season 3 premiering this month, let’s hope Shakira gets to reprise her role as Vashti, who can sniff out a good story and probably provoke discourse. In keeping with the multi-dimensional personalities she’s done, Shakira’s versatility to take on woman of varying ethnicities is a feather on her cap. It’s time to laudably acknowledge the emergence of this newest enchanter on the block.

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