Actress Spotlight: Sara Lazzaro


The eyes of the world will soon be embracing the angelic Sara Lazzaro as she plays one of the most definitive figures in history. She stars as Mary in “The Young Messiah”, the mother of Jesus who herself is privy to a miracle via her virgin birth. I would put Sara on a list of lissome beauties such as Charlotte Gainsbourg and Rebecca Hall who all have a muse-like charisma accentuated by their European heritage which is adored globally. With such a high profile role as Mary and the much anticipated premiere this week, things are looking up for the enchanting Sara. She does deliver authentic brevity in the guise of the woman who gives birth to one of the most important figures in religion which also comes with the anxiety of being a parent. At the core is a story of a loving mother who is anointed with a child of divine being and Sara will definitely do justice to the very beloved character Mary. The humanity she infuses into someone so pivotal in Jesus’s upbringing underscores Sara’s appealing poise.


She has those eloquently soulful eyes that speaks to you in beautifully vivid conventions and we can fathom her casting as Mary being spot on. An ingénue in the making, Sara is very much one of the most amiable talents one can ever get to know and I’m thoroughly blessed to be in contact with her. I have faith 2016 could be the year she could make it as a breakout star and her many pleasant attributes will delight audiences just as much. There’s an outpouring of relatable charm about her and it can only translate to an every growing passion for Sara.

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