Actress Spotlight: Daya Vaidya


Her charismatic elegance and exotic beauty are the tenets by which we will be fervidly enthused over Daya Vaidya. She appears in the 2nd Season of Bosch which promises to be filled with fascinating slices of life that revolves around our titular LAPD detective Harry Bosch. Dirty Harry he might sometimes be but with the addition of Daya, there’s a sub-plot involving her character Jen Kowski, Chief Of Staff to Mayor Hector Ramos (Yancey Arias) and one stately Deputy Chief Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick). He of course has a complicated history with Bosch and things are about to blow up as one could say! The foxiest actresses on the planet such as Daya make it all worthwhile to binge watch on Amazon with all 10 episodes being released online at once.

She did proved to be at the pinnacle of enticement as Sophia Del Cordova, the sexy Latin telenovela starlet in “Castle” who approaches our intrepid private eye to pursue a murder case from a different perspective. I have a feeling Frank couldn’t take his eyes off her but this was in Season 7 when he was still single and able. By the way there is an on-going sitcom called “Telenovela” headlined by Eva Longoria and Daya would be a perfect choice to heat proceedings if she were cast. Taking on women of different ethnic backgrounds is part and parcel of the industry with Daya shining in her share of sassy roles notably on “Unforgettable” as well as “Twisted”. In both instances she played beautiful, street-smart policewoman who vivify the episodic arcs of both shows. The talented Daya could well be on the brink of something magical in 2016.

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