SXSW Film Festival Spotlight: Foxy Femme Kate Siegel


At this year’s SXSW Film Fest, Kate Siegel is all set to be lauded as a buzzworthy actress as she’s the leading lady of what will be a must-see home invasion film of the year. She’s the star and co-writer of “Hush”, the horror flick that sees Kate as Maddie, a deaf woman whose home becomes the hunting ground of a maniac. Already acquired by Netflix even before it’s premiere on March 12 at SXSW, all signs point to “Hush” being a serial thriller. It seems that trouble never comes alone and having already lost her hearing as a teen, her physical predicament is pushed to the limits when the masked intruder comes knocking, shattering her isolated existence.

Known for her sensual turns in films such as “The Collector” and “Steam”, Kate will keep you on the edge of your seats in “Hush” and be equally stirring. In the persona of Maddie, the aurally impaired innocent, it’s her wits that gets her through the living nightmare at her doorstep and Kate exudes the authentic magnetism to keep audiences rooting for her. She’s also been tapped to be in “Ouija 2”, the sequel to the hit supernatural tale “Ouija” and judging from the twists in the first, we are going to be treated to another terrifying ride come October. Enthralment is an axiom of Kate’s many attractive facets and she’ll be treating us to many more mesmerising moments across multiple genres.

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