Rising Starlet: Taylor Tunes


Destined to be the face of enchantment, Taylor Tunes is both stunning and exudes the amiable personality that’s a winner. She stars in the gritty survival flick “Green Room” alongside Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat and Patrick Stewart which must surely thrust her into the limelight. Taylor has a desirable quality in the vein of fellow actress Amber Heard, her strong and sensual charm that would be a draw for many a paramour. She is after all slated to play of the sultriest women during the golden era of Hollywood so that in itself underlines her blossoming global appeal.

Here’s Taylor sharing more about her role in “Green Room” as well as several fascinating teasers about her upcoming features:

In Jeremy Saulnier’s ‘Green Room’, I play Emily (A skinhead chick and best friend of Amber, played by Imogen Poots), that is the unfortunate victim of a horrific crime that sets the films events in motion and threatens the lives of our protagonists (Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Joe Coe, Callum Turner). I loved having the front seat in many of my favorite scenes of the film- laying there sometimes only my boot would show, and it took everything I had not to sit up and watch the performance. But, at the end of the day you are still acting and still need to give that realism so that it doesn’t interfere with the other actors performances in the scene. Some of my favorite memories will always be watching Jeremy direct- he’s very active, still has his childlike wonder, surprisingly, and its very impressive. He doesn’t cling to something unless its’ important, and he lets the film unravel naturally. You can see the same effects in Blue Ruin, which I think is absolutely brilliant. I was already a fan of Macon Blair (Blue Ruin’s lead, and Jeremy’s friend) from watching that film, so it was great to see him in action on the set of Green Room. Meeting Patrick Stewart was a trip; he is just so lovely, and very commanding with that voice of his. It was great to see him transition so flawlessly to such a sinister role. We had this great wrap party, when we were at the tail end of filming and Jeremy gave a little speech thanking the ‘plus 1’s’. Standing there with my husband, I thought that was the coolest thing because they deserve so much more credit than they normally get. Jeremy’s wife, for example- really believed in him. Pushed him to follow his dream, where so many others would have held him back. If it weren’t for our ‘plus 1’s’, a lot of people who enter this industry would have given up long ago. Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat performed a song they wrote together, -wish i had recorded it- She has the sweetest sounding voice. I really hope she drops an EP some day! Anyway, I could go on and on about Green Room.


As for upcoming, I have some pretty exciting projects in the works: Deadlocked, a new indie feature set and filmed in Portland Oregon and directed by Joshua Bailey, will begin filming this May. We use a famous Portland historic building, and have some incredible cast members. The story centers around five people who become trapped in an elevator, and the events that transpire afterwards. I play Olivia, a mechanic. She’s someone who initially takes little interest in her comrades, but has some hidden gifts and depth that will make her very interesting to play. Also upcoming is the biopic Bogie & Bacall by Helise Flickstein- this one still may be a ways away, since some integral decision making on lead actors still needs to be made. However, I’m cast as Ava Gardner, which I am thrilled about- she is such an iconic hollywood actress. Playing her, someone so opinionated, so hard to ‘put in a box’ will be a challenge. I can’t wait until we have a start date! Recent short film projects ‘Arcadia Bay’ and ‘Sex Tape to Save the World’ have received interest from film festivals and my role in ‘Arcadia Bay’ even won me an award nomination (best supporting actress Hyperdrive Sci Fi and Film Festival 2015). As for my additional personal goals, there are still two TV shows filming in Portland that I would like to book roles on- Librarians and GRIMM. Both are wonderful additions to the economy here, that we are very proud. Also, there is a somewhat secretive project upcoming in our state that I can’t share details on yet, but it will mark another hugely successful year in film for Oregon!

Taylor has also so kindly shared some of her latest pics and as you can see, she’s just as beguiling in black and white. Her accommodating nature instantly instil an outpouring of adoration from me and will undoubtably be getting her a deluge of affection from audiences in the months ahead.


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