Actress Spotlight: Jamie Rose


We are continually enthused with the women on television and the enchanting Jamie Rose ensures our devotion lives long. She guest-stars alongside living legend Rita Moreno in this week’s fascinating episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” entitled ‘Odd Man Out’. Playing Lena, the other woman whom Rita’s character Gayle detest for obvious reasons, things come to a head when the two meet to be at the side of Griffin McColl (Lance Henriksen) after his major accident. Seeing how Jamie’s a ravishing redhead, it’s fitting she ruffles some feathers as the mistress who might be regarded as a husband stealer even prompting Rita’s Gayle to retort “I’m the wife, she’s the slut he’s been hitting on the side”! But sometimes we just need to acknowledge that love does fade away and we encounter new people in our life. As Lena, Jamie is ever the consummate performer in the mold of an outsider looking in, her love life seemingly in tatters. She articulates her character’s emotional turmoil with hints of restrained agony that’s befitting of her gifts as a screen talent.

She was also recently on the hit show “Jane The Virgin” in lively fashion as a therapist alongside Gina Rodriguez and from her on-set pics with Gina, she has a naturally, engaging attractiveness. With her accomplished professional on-set and on-stage experience, Jamie has been lauded for her finesse as an acting coach. Visit the JAMIE ROSE OFFICIAL SITE and read about the plaudits she has received from her students and how she has been an inspiration for countless aspiring actors.

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