North Hollywood CineFest 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Madeleine Falk


The quintessence of a storyteller is a thing of beauty and the luminous Madeleine Falk is certainly exemplary on that front. Catch her in “I’m Gabrielle” as Caroline whose precocious daughter Gabrielle contemplates the meaning of life as she observes her familial relationships. As the director/writer/actress of this dramatic short screening at this year’s NOHO Cinefest Festival, she’s remarkably crafted a family friendly piece that has depth yet maintains a fun tone throughout. Family melodrama might just be her forte having previously caught the eye as Bianca in “A Reason”, the foreign-born wife thrown into the deep end of a tussle over who gets what from the will of a dying matriach. Entitled to the piece of the pie, the reveal by Bianca that she prefers to remain childless exacerbates the tension further and Madeleine spiritedly essays this forthright woman engulfed in strife of kith and kin.

The elegant Swedish-born Madeleine is steadily making headway in the indie genre and with her countrywoman Alicia Vikander putting Swedish talents on the map once more, there’ll be recognition for Madeleine’s work in due time. In 2016, she will be appearing on “A Haunting”, the American paranormal anthology TV series which has re-enactments that often manifested from initially ominous incidents before turning full-blown supernatural. Madeleine also has another family feature called “A Dog And Pony Show” which has the vocal talents of Mae Whitman and has Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino in the cast. This is certainly going to be a most fascinating year for the vivacious Madeleine.

Keep up with all the latest updates at the MADELEINE FALK OFFICIAL SITE.

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