North Hollywood CineFest 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Christine Hassay


There’s a shining light in comediennes that deserve an ovation and the lovable Christine Moore is imminently poised for adoration. She stars in “June, Adrift” screening this week at the NOHO Cinefest Film Festival in the appealing role of Rachel, an elementary school teacher who yearns for a life-changing event. When her best friend Emma (Amanda McCann) thinks up a plan to rejuvenate a failed project, she provides the incentive for Rachel and Barkley (Cassie Ramoska) to go on a road trip to seize the day. Cue the flurry of awkward and convivial adventures as the 3 women navigate the uncertain waters of their ambitious aspirations. Oh and there’s even a skinny dipping scene which would add even more incentive to watch the vibrant Christine. Judging from the except of the trailer, it has its funny moments…honest although funny woman in their birthday suits are a turn one must admit!

Here’s Christine revealing the juicy details about her film “June, Adrift”:

June, Adrift is a dramatic comedy that centers around Emma, wasting her talent as a sound designer by working as a Foley artist for porn films in Los Angeles. After a series of humiliating encounters, she learns the rest of the world anticipates her inevitable failure. Emma makes the impulsive decision to return to her parents’ uninhabited summer cottage in order to complete a boat kit that she failed to complete years ago to prove that she is capable of seeing something through. As her enthusiasm for the project snowballs, she accidentally collects two traveling companions in Barkley and Rachel, each struggling with their own unique crises. They discover that building a boat brings along a new set of challenges.

“June, Adrift” might be a work of fiction but it’s steeped in true to life experiences and indie genre fans enthusiastically praised it for having plenty of heart. It’s fitting that Christine is lauded for being driven and an intelligent creative talent by her co-creator/writer Amanda as their infusion of comic verve in the film is priceless. Christine has also her pizazz to television having guest-starred on “2 Broke Girls” (which she affirmed to be a blast to work on as she’s partial to sitcoms) and was on the new series “Agent X” last year. Described as quirky and pleasantly engaging, Christine’s appeal is odds on to score warm approval.

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