Actress Spotlight: Rebecca Liddiard


Giving acclaim to Canadian sensations is akin to appreciating their enchanting ways and Rebecca Liddiard is making waves on television with such tenacious ebullience. She stars in the new series “Houdini and Doyle” on ITV as Constable Adelaide Stratton alongside 2 icons from the 20th Century Harry Houdini (Michael Weston) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Stephen Mangan). As the first female constable ever to work for the London Metropolitan Police Force, it’s great to see Rebecca’s Adelaide being a core figure in this period crime drama that has some surprisingly fascinating supernatural elements. She also has to babysit the pair of amateur sleuths Harry And Arthur as the trio come to terms with their own beliefs when it comes to solving mysteries in Victorian London. Being hampered by the sexism that was a blight in that era is no obstacle to her ambition to break away from the condescending prejudices. This past 2 weeks, Rebecca has frequently sizzled up the Actresss blog and for that I’m genuinely grateful towards her. She would be someone I regard as influential for she’s positively reinforced the credibility my blog many times over.


She’s evidently photogenic on every episode that I’ve seen and in the press pictures we can see why she will be remembered as a mesmerising face on TV. British actress Jenna Coleman might be the sultry one on “Dr Who” but Rebecca is showing audiences she’s a vision of comeliness with a dash of moxie on “Houdini and Doyle”. In the first 2 episodes, she’s been thoroughly bewitching as Adelaide and her entertaining banter with Michael Weston’s Harry has to be an engrossing highlight. Don’t miss her in the short film “Olivia” where she plays the titular Olivia who is in a lesbian romance that’s turns terrifying when they encounter a killer. Rebecca is an impressively sparkling talent who could go on the prosperous path to stardom.

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