TV Vixens To Crave – 27 March 2016

Daiva Johnston in “Murdoch Mysteries”


– Yet again the exquisiteness of Canadian actresses are ruling television this week and Daiva has certainly enticed viewers with her compelling performance as femme fatale Eva Pearce in “Murdoch Mysteries”. She proves to be a dangerous opponent for Detective Murdoch!
– Despite being a villain, the fandom for Eva is intense thanks to Daiva’s strikingly alluring depiction of a con-artist who uses her feminine wiles to great effect. Eva will be missed by fans all over the world after her demise in the episode “Cometh the Archer”.
– Having made such a memorable impact on a hit show and being such a natural at playing off her fellow actors, she has all the makings of an endearing star!

Jeanine Bartel in “Chicago P.D.”


– Don’t miss Jeanine displaying her acting chops in several emotionally heavy scenes in the episode ‘Kasual with a K’, the latest episode of “Chicago P.D.” opposite Sophia Bush.
– As Valerie Holt, she is a woman who under duress from a suspect, unwittingly gets involved in a shooting incident. She however bonds with Sophia’s Erin Lindsay over their common experiences living in a shelter and leads her to the path of salvation.
– It’s time the talented Jeanine nabbed a meaty and dramatic guest-star TV role which is the perfect platform for her to continue enchanting us with such moving resonance.

Carla Vila in “American Crime Story”


– Catch the ravishing Carla in commanding mode as the assertive Deputy Green who is thrusted into an almighty pickle with disgruntled jurors of the O.J. Simpson case in the latest episode of “American Crime Story” entitled ‘A Jury in Jail’.
– Carla is notable for her recurring role as Danielle Delvayo in the 2nd Season of the series “True Detective” where she shed her perceptible sex appeal (seeing how she’s a popular runway/magazine model) to delve into in the grittiness of her character.
– With her flair for taking on plucky roles that harks of a more realistic tonality, Carla has the boundless potential to be one of the rising starlets of 2016.

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