Indie Darling: Joy Darash

 alt=@ Nick Holmes
 alt=@ Nick Holmes

There’s nothing better than featuring the beautiful faces shining in indie films and Joy Darash has a classy, bubbly appeal that we can’t get enough of in that very cherished genre. She’s starring in “Hunky Dory” which is premiering at a number of film festivals including the Cleveland International Film Fest on April 1st and the Atlanta Film Fest come April 9th. You can say April is the preeminent month when it comes to the festival circuit with at least 10 major ones taking centerstage just in the US and thanks to Joy, we’ll be enamoured all month long. Spot her as the character Victoria with choice words for the protagonist Sidney (Tomas Pais), an unthriving glam rock singer in the trailer (above) of “Hunky Dory”. It will be interesting how she affects him considering he’s already reeling from unexpectedly being saddled with his 11-year-old son for the week.


On the small screen, Joy has guest-starred in “Rizzoli & Isles” as a jogger who is murdered and apparently had her child kidnapped. With the news that “Gilmore Girls” is set for a revival, it would be apt to mentioned that Joy appeared in an episode of the evergreen and popular series alongside leading ladies Lauren Graham/Alexis Bledel. Joy herself has the adore-worthy doe-eyed verve comparable to say Kate Mara. I will hope to take up her offer for a coffee meetup sometime in the near future and will be interested to know more about her as well as her burgeoning career. Meanwhile make sure to catch Joy dazzle in “Hunky Dory”.

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