Actress Spotlight: Grace Rex


Women are genuinely becoming the centrepiece of fascination on TV and this week Grace Rex delivers with an impressive and emotive visage. In the latest episode of “Blindspot” entitled ‘Older Cutthroat Canyon’, she’s guest starring as Kristy, the assistant to a mysterious figure known as Zomo, who is regarded as a darling of the art world. She assists the FBI when one of the painting at the Zomo gallery is stolen and there’s a twist you won’t see coming when it comes to Grace’s character Kristy. She effortlessly threads the gamut of traits, from initially haughty to a picture of duress under some tough questioning from Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) in what is surely one eye-catching performance.

She’s already been on “Elementry”, the Netflix sleeper hit “Master Of None” as well as having a recurring role on “The Good Wife” which means her run on television is fanning the flames of affection. Her delectably quirky looks and innate talents as a storyteller should obviously be her entrancing qualities. I came across the comment by a fan of “Blindspot” that he has fallen in love with Grace’s beautifully expressive eyes and may will attest to this cherished statement! Many will also love how she describes her multitude of roles in interesting caricatures at the OFFICIAL GRACE REX SITE. She’s an absolute gem!

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