Actress Spotlight: Natalie Roy


It’s another round of adulation for the women on television and a wave of affection is imminent for the luminous Natalie Roy. This Canadian beauty guest stars on ‘Sheltered Outcasts’, the newest episode of the long running hit show “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Natalie appears as Mrs Levy whose friend Mary is unfortunately raped by an attacker that deftly uses a homeless shelter housing ex-cons as his modus operandi. This clever ruse is even enough for Natalie’s character Mrs Levy and her husband to cast suspicions on those in the shelter but of course there’s always an insane curveball when it comes to the identity of the perpetrator. Besides being such a cutie even though she’s a mother on this week’s “Law and Order:SVU”, Natalie excelled in her scenes with Ice-T as well as Mariska Hargitay who directs this very rousing episode.

Her warm, endearing smile will most definitely reel viewers in and we all know how the sweet glow from an actress has a penetrating effect on us all. From playing Liza, Detective Murdoch’s fiancee who sadly passed on “Murdoch Mysteries” to being on the riveting Kevin Bacon starrer “The Following”, Natalie’s charm is lovingly divine. April seems to be the dominant month for the advent of the ladies who shimmer on the small screen and a string of film festivals so the enchanting Natalie already has our beloved vote.

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