Sizzling Cutie: Annabelle Borke


Lauding the blossoming ladies on TV is turning customary especially this year and Annabelle is an effervescent sweetheart who might just warm your hearts. Look out for her in the second episode of the new ABC series “The Catch” starring Mireille Enos called ‘The Real Killer’ which ramps up the crime caper genre as the cat and mouse games gets more intense.

Here’s Annabelle giving us some juicy updates about her role in “The Catch” as well as her appearance on “Criminal Minds”:

Well in the Catch I play a bartender named Tracey Lassin…it was a fun role to play obviously because who wouldn’t want to spend the day in a bar along side Shonda’s hand picked talent? Haha…as I’m sure you saw in the first episode if you watched, the show focuses on a group of private investigators and their clients’ cases, as well as the through line case of Mr. X, who is revealed as Alice’s ex-fiancé. Without spoiling too much, my role is involved with one of the team’s cases that they take on- and of course as is the show, nothing is quite as it seems. This is only the second time I’ve been on a television show, my first being in the two part finale of season 8 of Criminal Minds, where I got to die fabulously on screen. Luckily in the Catch I get to stay alive, so I think I’m moving up in the world.

Just like her, I’m not going to reveal too much but for the fact that on “The Catch”, Annabelle is positively delectable, mirroring her saucy character Tracey and serves to prompt us to take an increasing interest in this sweetheart. Coupled with her gracious disposition, the sky’s the limit for this budding young enchanter.

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