Atlanta Film Festival 201 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Ellie Church

A bewitching leading lady of a new horror flick is not to be missed and Ellie Church makes for one very sensual Scream Queen. She is headlining “Frankenstein Created Bikers” which is premiering at the 2016 Edition of the Atlanta Film Fest. The exploitation genre is known for having a fiercely loyal cult following so expect the desirable Ellie to amass a wave of admirers. Adeptly meshing sexploitation, biker as well as splatter films into a torrent of subversive violence and imagery including a topless stripper hit squad, “Frankenstein Created Bikers” will undoubtably provoke reverberations in the annals of genre cinema.

She is also the star of “Mania” from the delightfully wicked and über accomplished mind of Jessica Cameron who introduces majorly NSFW moments that will keep you coming back for more. As the more placid Mel, Ellie’s character is the perfect foil to her deranged lesbian lover Brooke (Trisan Risk) as the duo go on a lamb after a brutal killing. Kudos to both of them for gamely taking on the sex scenes and nudity that are prevalent in “Mania” as director Jessica Cameron has inculcated in them the vision she’s creating. Having also sizzled in the indie sci-fi flick “Harvest Lake” about a seductive otherworldly entity, horror fans will be ardently returning for more as Ellie does have a riveting plethora of features this year. She’s set to establish herself as one of the most beloved emerging actresses on the indie horror circuit.

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