Sarasota Film Festival Spotlight: Indie Darling Shauna Bloom


The festival circuit reaches majestic heights in April and yet again, we are treated to the enchanting work of actresses such as the lovely Shauna Bloom. She’s appearing in the James Franco starrer “Memoria”, a coming of age story that mirrors the loneliness of being an outsider during one’s youth. Premiering at this year’s Sarasota Film Fest and seeing how “Memoria” is based on James Franco’s “Palo Alto Stories” and “A California Childhood”, there’ll be plenty of attention bestowed on the emotionally charged drama. Her role as Mrs Kerrigan is of a strict teacher which is line with the edgy tone that’s a fixture of this film. Shauna has certainly towed that very line on TV previously.

She’s notable for playing Rebecca Anderson, one of the many accomplices of the devious Red John who endlessly tormented Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist”. Interweaving between shades of good and evil is challenging for any actor and Shauna illustrated the dichotomy of her character with distinction. Plus she got to spend significant screen time with the dreamy Simon Baker which it is always wonderful. Shauna is also an accomplished stage actor and together with my fascination for the women of independent cinema as well as television, she’s one audiences should find a tender attachment with.

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