Hotties To Crave @ Palm Beach International Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Momona Komagata in “Peelers”


– Don’t miss the ravishing Momona as she adds the sizzle factor to the indie horror flick “Peelers”, and with her attending the premiere, expect admirers to throng in droves.
– Immensely violent in the vein of films such as Gutterballs as well as its sequel “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” which starred Momona, this is one wild ride of brutal clashes between ass-kicking heroines and infected killers in a blood-filled spree at a strip club.
– When I first featured her, there was a sizeable level of ardor for Momona and it is an affirmation of the charismatic talents and beauty of this Canadian Vixen.

Suziey Block in “The Shickles”


– Noted for her work on features such as “Entrance” and “If We Were Adults”, Suziey dazzles us in “The Shickles”, a comedy that proves life is indeed sweet despite its many travails.
– “The Shickles” has a similar tone to the tongue-in-cheek dysfunctional going-ons of the other onscreen family “The Royal Tenenbaums” and Suziey’s versatility gives “The Shickles” a shot of enigmatic resonance.
– Suziey has the relatable yet colourful personality that can reel in many an indie fan and she’s going to brightening up the screen for a long, long time.

Taylor Gildersleeve in “ADDicted”


– Seeing how Taylor is a Goddess and a former Miss New York Teen USA, it’s no wonder she’s on a film called “Addicted” and this sexy blonde is destined to be revered as one of the most desirable women on the planet.
– She plays Kristin in “ADDicted”, the film depicts the vices that often beset college kids and with drugs permeating even the sporting world, this is so relevant in light of current events.
– Don’t miss Taylor in “Sugar Daddies” who is a scene stealer from start to end as Kara, the student caught up in the sometimes lecherous world of social escorts.

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