Actress Spotlight: Lacy Marie Meyer


With her vibrant grace, Lacy Marie Meyer has the innate star quality and she’s set to be a dazzling vision at the Palm Beach International Film Fest 2016. She’s the leading lady of the film “Second Chance” as Heather, a woman whose life is in tatters after a home invasion gone sideways. Unbeknownst to her, the very person responsible for her misfortune decides to make things right and sets it up for some riveting drama. With her character Heather riding a cavalcade of emotions, Lacy will no doubt deliver a most stirring portrayal. Already a multiple-award winning actress for the first-rate performance in the indie favourite “Suck It Up Buttercup”, her appearance at the screening of “Second Chance” would warrant plenty of buzz for the delectably glowing Lacy.

Her geniality is also second to none and with her promising a huge hug when I get to meet her in person, Lacy is surely adore-worthy which she will be for many around the globe. She’s slated to appear in “American Fango” in a fun role as the love interest who has a playful streak. She’s on her way to becoming a blossoming enchanter with possibly the makings of a coveted indie darling.

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