Phoenix Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Maya Boudreau


With one of the most enthralling performances that’s ever adorned the indie scene, the very fetching Maya Boudreau is primed to impress in 2016. She’s the titular lead of “Jessica”, the female-drive, multi-layered drama that has already won an overflowing of praise and premieres at this year’s Phoenix Film Fest. As the troubled Jessica, who seems to be afflicted by a sense of isolation despite her best intentions to connect, Maya is a truly absorbing watch. The evocative disquiet of a soul seemingly lost in the world is essayed sublimely by the talented Maya and will have audiences commending “Jessica” as a genuine reflection of the pains of a young adult. It is after all a growing up phase that everyone has to go through as life teaches us all that it’s a road of up and downs. Kudos to Maya for forging her character into the epicentre of heartfelt storytelling.

Maya has also starred in another provocative feature called “Sticks” as Jaclyn, a 17 year old who stands to inherit her late daddy’s lottery winnings and that golden ticket becomes the envy of everyone around her. Greed often spirals into abhorrent acts and as the heroine, she’s left to fend off the circling vultures with nefarious intentions including her kin. Having garnered plaudits from a wealth of reviewers for her authenticity onscreen, she’s surely to be touted as a burgeoning indie sweetheart.

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