Palm Beach International Film Fest 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Dena Tyler


With indie darlings making their presence felt in April, the enchanting Dena Tyler is will be making quite the sterling impression at the Palm Beach International Film Fest. She’s starring in the LGBT short “Anchovies” as Samantha, the health freak girlfriend of a man who at first is at odds with his daughter Vern, a 16 year old genderqueer. Through their differing yet shared outlook on anchovies, a bond develops between Vern who possibly sees Samantha as a potential mother figure having lost her own tragically.

2016 might just be the breakout year for Dena as she’s slated to appear in HBO’s newest series “The Deuce” with James Franco. Set during the 1970s–1980s when porn started to gain popularity, this is a drama series to rouse a deluge of senses. She is known for her plucky roles onscreen such as “Orange Is The New Black” and “Unforgettable” which ensures she’s well at home in a gritty, controversial show like “The Deuce”. Lauded as a playful, gutsy powerhouse, she has those striking blue eyes to keep us fixated for some time to come.

Drop by the DENA TYLER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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