Atlanta Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Hannah Fierman


Strikingly enigmatic, Hannah Fierman is the indie goddess with the dazzling X-Factor in a number of riveting features. Screening at this year’s Atlanta Film Festival, the horror film “Siren” will see Hannah returning as Lily whom she seductively portrayed in “Amateur Night”, part of the terrifying anthology hit “V/H/S”. Memorable for her signature words “I Like You” before feasting on her victims, this time around Lily has the insatiable bloodlust for guests at a bachelor party. We are already highly anticipating the release of “Siren” especially since Hannah is a standout as the alluring predator and will there be any survivors after her feeding frenzy?

If you’ve seen her in the gothic retelling of the vampire tale Carmilla called “The Unwanted”, Hannah is attenuated to the conflicted nature of her character ensuring she’s a must watch. She’s guest-starred on “The Vampire Diaries” where for over the course of a season there’s shifting instances between good and evil. Hannah’s beguiling portrayals of the dualistic female psyche on film should already put her on the most desirable indie actresses list.

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