Hotties To Crave @ Palm Beach International Film Festival 2016 – Part 2

Tanna Frederick in “Ovation”


– From stage to film, the supreme talent that is Tanna Frederick has delivered compelling illustrations of complex women, defining their every nuance with distinction.
– She deserves all the applause, applause, applause for her scene-stealing performance as the demure Maggie in “Ovation”, a theater actress who is tempted to work on a syndicated television show by the suave Stewart Henry (James Denton).
– With her undeniable charisma on and off screen, Tanna Frederick should be celebrated as one of the premier darlings of the indie scene destined for devotion.

Narmar Hanna in “The Wedding Invitation”


– The vivacious Narmar Hanna is currently at the Palm Beach International Film Fest in support of the film “The Wedding Invitation” where she’s as sumptuous as she is accomplished.
– She’s the producer/actress of “The Wedding Invitation” which is a female-fronted gem that see 3 women searching for the perfect Plus-1 to an impending nuptials. Cue the funny side of single women with lofty ambitions of love in this entertaining comedy.
– We can’t wait for more long form anecdotes dealing with phases of the female perspective from the talented and beautiful Narmar.

Lizz Carter in “Breaking Legs”


– Lizz Carter is a pretty picture of elegance who has consistently dazzled in the dual worlds of film and television, recently appearing in the John Stamos comedy series “Grandfathered”.
– Catch her in “Breaking Legs” as Lala Swoon, the snarky dance teacher who could be the one to groom newbie Bloom (Liv Southard) into the majestic dancer she dreams to be. From the trailer, one can see that Lizz has such a sultry voice that will have you swooning!
– Whether she’s playing caustic (as she does in “Breaking Legs”) or nice on screen, Lizz is indeed a ravishing actress who exudes sparkle from the word go. She is already at the Palm Film International Film Fest and is exquisite on the red carpet.

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