Manhattan Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Erin Fogel


The ever radiant Erin Fogel is on course to garner attention and all the plaudits with a comedic performance to cherish. She stars in “The Strike” which kicks off the festivities at this year’s Manhattan Film Fest on April 14th. Check out the hilarious trailer here: While I may not be able to attend the premiere thanks to a personal invite from the lovely Erin herself, I’m blessed to be able to illustrate her flourishing work. Erin is an exemplary funny woman as her character Molly Mirovsky who together with 2 other less than graceful NYC actors embarked on a plan to prove they are primed for success in the biz. She’s a vision of sassiness in “The Strike” as the brazen Molly who is hoping for her star-making turn via a theatrical “siege” of sorts.

Infusing facets of her real-life persona as an actress/yoga teacher into Molly albeit with livelier embellishments, this is the larger than life version that’s audaciously bringing on the funny. 2016 might just be the opportune time for Erin to shall we say ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and with a string of upcoming features that will validate her comic finesse, Erin has the makings of a comic virtuoso on the rise.

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