Nashville Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Kristen Gutoskie


Destined to be a buzzworthy face on film and on television for years to come, the ebullient Kristen Gutoskie is sparking a global addiction this month. Her high-profile role as Katie Frank on the upcoming THE CW show “Containment” which starts on the small screen come 19th April will thrust her into television fandom as will her riveting appearance in the indie romance “The Dust Storm” premiering at this year’s Nashville Film Fest. In “Containment”, Kristen stars as Katie, a single mother and grade school teacher trapped in a military cordon site erected after a deadly outbreak. High on drama with an array of emotional human stories, Katie’s story arc is bound to be a source of captivation week in week out especially since she’s trapped with her 11 year old son. Will she have to face up the possibility of the ultimate sacrifice as the season progresses?

She’s also going to move audiences in “The Dust Storm” as Nora, the girl who breaks the heart of her paramour Brennan but returns into his life, rekindling a nostalgic passion. Just like a memorable song that goes deep into your soul, Kristen’s moving portrayal of the enigmatic Nora interweaves the cascading joy and despair of love that will bring forth a gush of emotions. I would liken her performance to the touching melodies of this new song I discovered called “Not Gonna” by indie folk sister duo Lily & Madeleine. Taking a snippet from the lyrics of the song ‘Everyone’s expecting me to say I’m sorry but I’m not/ No I’m not’ resonates so well with her character Nora seeing how she’s the heartbreaker who in reality doesn’t really need to offer any apologies. We are more than ever ready to be mesmerised by the charming and talented Kristen.

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