Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Screen Siren Lucy Walters


When festival fever comes around every year, the luscious Lucy Walters would be one of the names high on the list of captivators. She’s the star of “Here Alone”, the post-apocalyptic thriller that’s unsettling as it is about the raw human emotion when faced with a crisis of global impact. As Ann, a survivor of a world ravaged by a mysterious epidemic, we see her evolution from a soul fraught with fear to one of redemption. With her piercing eyes that reflect strength, Lucy perfectly crafts the unfolding nature of Ann, who is making sense of the existential macrocosm that’s been dealt to her so savagely. Check out the visually atmospheric trailer here:

Even as I wait on news of my mum’s critical condition in the ICU unit at the hospital, she would be proud of me exalting the cinematic brilliance of women such as Lucy. One can say Lucy’s just like mum (who surprisingly was an actress in a movie back in the day) with her glowing appeal and a relatable personality that is fetchingly sweet to many a fan. Lucy is also making waves on television and will be returning as Holly in the 3rd Season of “Power”. With her having enthralled viewers and elevating her character Holly into an endearing figure on the hit show, her story arcs are certain to be highly addictive. It’s fitting that we are hooked on Lucy as she continues her rise as an exceptional talent.

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