The Must Watch Screen Hotties @ Tribeca Film Festival 2016

Breeda Wool in “AWOL”


– Establishing herself as one of the most coveted faces on both film and television, Breeda Wool has been a scene-stealer in several indie features as well as the hit TV show “UnREAL”.
– She’s at Tribeca promoting her film “AWOL” and stars as Rayna, a married woman who becomes the passionate object of Joey, a seemingly lost soul. An LGBT themed love story that will raise questions of discrimination, this film could well be a festival favourite.
– Keep an eye out for Breeda in the upcoming comedy series “Vice-Principals” as she’s sure to add sassiness in living colour.

Anna Hopkins in “Never Happened”


– Anna Hopkins is a certified doll and she’s of the fastest rising talents to emerge from Canada thanks to mesmerising appearances on shows such as “Defiance”, “The Flash” and “Arrow”.
– Mark Slutsky, the director of the short she’s in called “Never Happened” rates Anna as a joy to work on set and also a talent with an effortless grace.
– She’s played a myriad of roles from virginal to bitchy and fearless, each time with passionate performances that will be watched ardently by audiences.

Meryl Hathaway in “Dean”


– It’s time to start anointing Meryl as a burgeoning comedic goddess as she’s both a captivating face and a polished navigator of engaging hilarity on screen.
– She did add an adorable comic zest in “2 Broke Girls” as Rachael, a woman who hits it off with Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs).
– Catch the delightful Meryl in “Dean”, an absurdist love story that threads the unconventional yet interesting path and has been compared to the finest work of Woody Allen.

Ashlynn Yennie in “Fear, Inc.”


– “Fear, Inc” is a film that has strong comedic elements within its dark tone and with the cast that includes one of horror alum’s finest actresses Ashlynn Yennie, this is a must-see!
– It’s a tale of a company that can make your greatest fears come alive but we soon discover there maybe nefarious intentions afoot. Will Ashlynn’s character Trisha Harrison survive?
– Ashlynn’s upcoming feature “Kingdom Of Sin” which also stars former porn star Bree Olsen should whet the appetite as the premise revolves around the culture of swinging.

Lindsey Naves in “Poor Boy”


– As photogenic as she is bubbly, it will come as no surprise that Lindsey Naves is celebrated as a vision of delectable beauty.
– She is after all a dedicated storyteller and with her endearing smile coupled with an amiable congeniality, Lindsey is easily one of the most adorable actresses on the indie scene.
– Lindsey can be seen in the drama “Poor Boy” which sees 2 brothers hustle their way to a better existence far,far away from their grimy hometown.


Angela Trimbur in “The Pistol Shrimps”


– When it comes to film festivals, Angela Trimbur will always be a crush for droves of fans. She’s attending the Tribeca film festival premiere of her movie “Pistol Shrimps” about a trash-talking, hard-fouling basketball team made up of models, writers, actresses and their friends. Angela’s wicked sense of humour, rad dancing skills, offbeat charm and a menagerie of other enticing attributes should bring to life ‘Addicted To Angela’ slogans everywhere.

Clare Grant, Jennifer LaFleur, Megan Duffy & Petra Wright in “Holidays”

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– Great to see this bevy of amazing actresses in an anthology film such as “Holidays” as our beloved festivities are given quite the dark treatment by some of the most accomplished directors including Kevin Smith (Tusk) and Kevin Kolsch/Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes). With the vivacious Clare Grant, the elegant Jennifer LaFleur, the enticing Megan Duffy as well as the luminous Petra Wright helming several segments, horror fans should be thrilled!

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