Rising Starlet: Kaitlyn Sapp



Get ready for the emergence of the endearing Kaitlyn Sapp who could evoke a wave of adoration this month. On Season 4 of “Banshee”, the grittiest one yet, Kaitlyn Sapp has a recurring role as Jennifer, a drifter who catches the eye of crime lord turned Mayor Kai Proctor. He welcomes Jennifer into her home but things take an unexpected turn in this dramatic episode entitled ‘Job’. This blonde beauty may sport a darker shade of hair on “Banshee” but Kaitlyn is potently easy on the eyes, enriching television as a face to be smitten with. Let’s hope her character Jennifer returns to captivate us in future episodes!

You can also catch Kaitlyn in the romantic drama “Love Finds You In Charm” as Abby Miller, the younger sister of Emma Miller (Danielle Chuchran) who is an Amish woman torn between 2 men. Love is such a complex feeling and viewers will find Kaitlyn has quite the radiance on film notwithstanding my weakness for blonde actresses…;) She’s also venturing into indie horror territory in the upcoming “ClownTown” which re-kindles our fear of clowns and let’s cross our fingers we get to see Kaitlyn till the end of the film. With her coming into our cherished view across multiple genres, Kaitlyn is a beguiling prospect indeed.

Do drop by the KAITLYN SAPP OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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