Bare Bones International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Janet Mayson


The charming Janet Mayson embodies all that’s wonderful about the indie genre and she is pleasing to the eyes too, mirroring her genial disposition. At this year’s Bare Bones International Film Festival, Janet is nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” for her work as psychiatrist Dr. Long in Twitchy Dolphin Flix’s ‪”Quad X‬: ‪Porn Movie Massacre”‬. Dr Long is a retired porn star who goes out of her way to help the aspiring porn actors with their performance issues and also reprises her role in “Quad X: Rise of the Beaver Slayer”. Janet exudes sassiness as the seasoned Dr Long and it’s fitting that she’s up for an award. Her passion for the indie genre is second to none and it’s great to know that Janet is in another feature “DisAssociationVille” only this time it threads the romanticism line.

Don’t forget to catch Janet in the body horror flick “Night Of Something Strange” which has already premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival and will draw the crowds at future ones including the upcoming Crimson Screen Film Fest 2016. This film is a bloody splatter of oozing bodily secretions brought about by a virulent STD strain that runs wild at a motel. With her ever growing presence on a string of films this month, Janet is on her way to being an adored figure on the festival circuit.

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