Actress Spotlight: Brea Bee


The stirringly enchanting Brea Bee is making waves this week on television in a role that’s both palpably emotional and moving. She’s guest starring in this week’s episode ‘Trigger Happy’ from the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy” as Patricia Cole whose ownership of a gun might just be the cause of a shooting incident involving her child and another minor. As in life, sometimes the consequences of surviving a gunshot wound are grim and audiences will feel the pain that Brea’s character experiences throughout this episode, a testament to her striking performance. It also resonates greatly with me after the ICU doctor delivered my own mother’s alarming prognosis only a few hours ago in light of her affliction with pneumonia. Don’t miss Brea’s scenes alongside Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) as she elucidates the vulnerable scenes of a concerned mother laudably.

Brea is notable for playing Nikki, the wife of Bradley Cooper’s cuckolded husband Pat Solitano in the sensation “Silver Linings Playbook”. She does look delectable in “Racing Colt”, her upcoming feature about an aging movie star who can be quite the irksome fellow on set. If you’re the sort that gravitates towards beguiling redheads then Brea will hold sway your undivided ardor. Coupled with the undeniable radiance and graceful disposition she has every time Brea’s on the red carpet, we’ll be falling in love with her many times over.

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