Indie Sweetheart: Farrah Aviva


The comely Farrah Aviva is dazzling up the family-friendly genre and giving us a taste of her onscreen charisma. Starring as the haughty Veronica Myles in “A.R.C.H.I.E.”, she might be playing the villain of the film but rest assured she’s infuses her character with attitude. One can say Katharine Isabelle is not the only sultry enchanter in this movie with Farrah having her own brand of allure. As Veronica, she runs against Paul (Robin Dunne) who is the town mayor and has duplicitous intentions that has repercussions on the community. Can Paul’s niece (Sarah Desjardins) and her pet friend, ARCHIE a stray robot dog throw a spanner in the works by foiling Veronica’s deception? As movie fans, we all now that playing evil has an edgy enthralment about it (just ask Charlize Theron, the Wicked Witch from “Snow White and the Huntsman”) and Farrah relishes the amorality of her role.

On top of being an actress, Farrah is also a gifted writer and photographer; here’s her site: if you need some gorgeous headshots done. Farrah is also blessed with a worldly soul and having read the interviews she’s done, I’m in admiration of her fascinating views about the arts, body image within the film industry as well as the perception of female entertainers. Farrah will be returning to more family fare with her upcoming role in “The Adventure Club” where an ancient puzzle box sparks a journey to find fortune. Keep the graceful Farah on your radar for she’s a lovable up and comer.

Do drop by the FARRAH AVIVA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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