Sizzling Cuties To Adore @ Newport Beach Film Festival 2016

America Young, Panellist of Dynamic Women In Entertainment


– If you’re at Newport Beach, be sure to catch the prodigious America Young as she’s on the Women In Film Panel alongside Aisha Tyler and Alison Eastwood. Check this out:
– Effortlessly juggling everything from acting, directing, stunt work as well as being a voice actress, her versatility is admirable and festival fans will rejoice seeing her in person!
– Noted for her amazing endeavours being the camera, America is also starring in “Selection”, the sci-fi short that entertains the notion of selective preference in a global culling of mankind.

Nadine Nicole Heimann in “Lonely Planet”


– Why wouldn’t we fall in love with the stunning Nadine Nicole Heimann when she’s divinely picture perfect across every medium.
– She is the romantic lead of the award winning short “Lonely Planet” shot in Barcelona and is entrancing throughout as the restive travel writer who is challenged by a tall dark handsome stranger to make the most of life.
– From her sultry recurring role on “The Young & The Restless” to her appearance on Season 1 of “CSI:Cyber”, Nadine is well on her way to be a Screen Goddess!

Kerry Cahill in “Showing Roots”


– Kerry Cahill is having a great run as an indie darling from appearing in the acclaimed “Midnight Special” and now in “Showing Roots”. Set in 1977, it’s about the struggles of 2 women who aspire for racial integration in their town by starting a hair salon.
– She’s a soulful mix of effervescence and dynamism having also lit up the small screen in shows such as “Zoo”, “NCIS: New Orleans” and “True Detective”.
– Don’t miss Kerry in the drama “Free State of Jones” alongside Matthew McConaughey which should increase her already adore-worthy presence in the eyes of the world.

Elisabeth Röhm, Elise Ivy, Mary Elizabeth Boylan & Haviland Stillwell in “Love Is All You Need?”


– In a movie like the thought-provoking “Love Is All You Need?” where the tables are turned when it comes to sexual orientation as people who are straight become outcasts, expect a bevy of beauties to add spice to the film.
– The twist is this society where same sex couples are the norm and heterosexual ones faced prejudices with Elisabeth Röhm, Elise Ivy, Mary Elizabeth Boyland & Haviland Stillwell each playing their part to make “Love Is All You Need?” compelling.

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