Actress Spotlight: Foxy Femme Anastacia McPherson


The sexiest actresses are heating up the small screen in a big way and the mesmerising Anastacia is certainly a most desirable watch this week. She’s the ultimate temptation on the episode ‘Holacracy’ from the Showtime hit “House Of Lies” guest-starring as the infatuation worthy Dakota. She’s the woman who catches the eye of Clyde (Ben Schwartz) at the sacred ceremony hosted by the eccentric Sean Chew (John Cho), a client consulted by Jeannie’s (Kristen Bell) Marty (Don Cheadle) and the Pod. By way of an orgiastic shamanic ritual, the group are hauled into Sean’s crazy world and Clyde falls in lust with Anastacia’s Dakota who conveys she’s going to give him a ‘Sacred Orgasm’ sans clothes. Anastacia’s undeniable sex appeal is adding to the resurgent sensuality of television which have become a permanent landscape on shows such as “Shameless” and “The Girlfriend Experience”.

Hence we should celebrate the professionalism of actresses like Anastacia who are advancing the plot line that’s been furnished and at the same time being an inviting face. Her scenes with Ben Schwartz on “House Of Lies” are pretty funny too so we can’t wait for more of Anastacia as a comedienne. She’s already a consummate dramatic talent having picked up a Best Actress nominee thanks to her touching performance in the short “Eveleigh”. It’s close to the end of April and the gorgeous Anastacia McPherson is in line to be the month’s scene stealer.

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