Actress Spotlight: Hope Lauren


The endearing Hope Lauren is turning into quite the TV sensation and this week her adorable charisma will find ardent endorsement from many quarters. In her recurring role as accomplished writer Ophelia of Idea Bin on the series “Awkward”, Hope has a way with words and has indeed her standout moments. Check out the sneak peek (above) of Hope who happens to be the co-worker of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) angling for an interview with Jenna’s ex Jake (Brett Davern). When it comes to comedy, Hope is a whiz and imbuing her character Ophelia with bubbly ubiquity as well as the witty riposte week in week out is so laudable. Seeing how it happens to be my birthday this April 27th, Hope has made this special day an abundantly entertaining one. I’m rubbing my hands with glee in anticipation with what comes next with the vibrant Ophelia since she’s somehow tumbled into bed with Jake in the current episode ‘Girls Gone Viral’.

As fanboys would know, Hope came into prominence thanks to her first-rate work on “Supergirl” as the emotionally unstable Bizarro who views Supergirl as her enemy after coming under the nefarious influence of Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli). As to Bizarro’s fate which has an open ending, we might get to see her return bearing in mind that in the comics she does team up with Supergirl to take down a Big Bad. With Hope being ever present on television having appeared in numerous shows including “Faking It”, “Major Crimes” and “Agent Carter”, it won’t be long before she’s the leading lady of a major network show. Hope is a future star whose popularity is poised to soar.

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