Sci Fi London Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Anna Lakomy


Endorsing the wonders of the beautiful Anna Lakomy is defining her impeccable attraction as one of the starlets of indie cinema. Anna’s rise in the beloved genre and her starring role in “Appetence” which premieres at this year’s Sci Fi London Film Fest makes for amorous praise. She is a consummate model of ravishing appeal yet Anna gravitates towards the darker vestiges that composes a character. As Scarlet A Rose in “Appentence”, she finds her life controlled by her ambitious mother Mrs Rose (Julia Montgomery) who forces on Scarlet the hunger for fame mindset. To achieve the perfect look, Scarlet eshews the basic act of eating by strapping herself to an IV drip which comes with some tragic after-effects. This is by far a story that’s unequivocally relevant today with societal pressure on body image and being thin creeping into the psyche of women all over the world. Judging from the trailer:, Anna is going to enthral with provocative wiles in the skin of the starry-eyed Scarlet who is heading down an ominous path.


Anna recently attended the premiere of “Appetence” at the Take Two Film Festival and shimmered with effortless grace. I feel blessed to have connected with Anna as she’s a soulful, endearing talent and it’s great to witness her success. Back in 2014, she was indeed eye-catching in “Welcome To New York” as Anna, the young aide of Gérard Depardieu’s sleazy Mr Devereaux loosely based on disgraced French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn. This blonde bombshell of Polish heritage is capturing our hearts in a big way and we all would yearn to see Anna transition to a desirable actress for years to come.

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