Sweethearts To Adore @ International Film Festival North Hollywood 2016

Bettina Bilger in “The Room Rental”



– Whenever there’s an inkling of a new indie romantic feature, we look for supremo Bettina Bilger for she’s perpetually been an enchanting honey on and off camera.
– Once more award-winning enchanter Bettina delivers another stirring tale about the idiosyncrasy of love in “The Room Rental”. She shines as Laura, a woman who rents out her spare bedroom to a married stranger but could sparks fly despite it being taboo?
– Bettina is a clear favourite on the film festival circuit so look out for her in the Jillie Simon directed short film “Hungry” which screens at the Hoboken Film Fest in June.

Jessica Carter Ramsey in “Roommates”


– Jessica Carter Ramsey is the leading lady of the short film “Roommates” as Kiel, an openly pleasant woman trying to find someone to sublet her place while she is away. As Kiel, she dons glasses which some of the cast actually mistook as being a permanent fashion statement!
– Mirroring the pleasantness of her character, Jessica has the tender, sunny exuberance which is a rather lovable asset since she’s a hip comedienne.
– The soon to be released dramedy “The Last Year” will see her play Sarah, a young girl experiencing the life of living solo in her brand new apartment.

Brittany Renee Finamore in “Actor For Hire”


– Brittany Finamore has certainly blossomed into one of the most alluring women on the planet and even now she’s still blessed with a youthful radiance that’s crave worthy.
– From her early days in indie horror where’s she’s destined to be a thrill onscreen to her enchanting guest-starring roles on hit shows such as “Rizzoli & Isles”, “2 Broke Girls” and “Glee”, Brittany’s perennially been a mesmerising cutie.
– Viewers will admire how she handles with exacting flair the many roles entrusted upon her so look out for her in the indie comedy “Actor For Hire”.

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