Actress Spotlight: Brittany Belt


Our love for dazzling faces such as the engagingly sweet Brittany Belt grows unabated this week. She can be seen in the ensemble film “Mother’s Day” as Beth Anne who might just be hanging with the character Bradley played by Jason Sudeikis. He’s a widower with two kids who might just have a thing for Jennifer Aniston’s divorcee mum of two. You could say he’s a thorn among the roses with the very lovely Brittany in the cast with Shay Mitchell, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Sarah Chalke, Britt Robertson and Jennifer of course. This will be a special and poignant film for me as my mum is still critically ill after her bout with pneumonia so I’m praying for her recovery so any motherly-themed is a must follow for me. Plus the fact that Brittany’s in it is so pleasing as memories of her unparalleled geniality when I first started connecting with her came flooding back. It’s auspicious that she mesmerised in her elegant navy blue dress at a recent red carpet premier of “Mother’s Day”.


Reminiscing the words imparted to me by Brittany herself that ‘BRUNETTES HAVE MORE FUN!’ and noticing her most radiant of smiles, it does ring true that raven-haired beauties own a special place in our hearts. Whilst Brittany has delighted us on the small screen in shows such as “Switched At Birth”, “Parenthood” and Castle, her comely arrival in high profile films promises to thrust her into the spotlight.

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