Sunscreen Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Lori Triolo


Award-winning actress Lori Triolo is a felicitously polished charmer who has made an illustrious mark on film, television and theatre. She stars in the indie flick “Candiland” alongside Gary Busey who plays Arnie, a controlling father with a disillusioned son living in a fantasyland of isolation with a divorcee Tess (Chelah Horsdal). Lori’s role is of Leesha, a woman who is romantically involved with Arnie and who unabashedly points out his flaws when dealing with his son. As his son descends into a path of self-destruction with his partner Tess in their enforced confinement, will it be to late for Gary’s Arnie to save them? From the riveting trailer, there’s a foreboding of doom that may or may not transpire but “Candiland” does have a most darkly, intriguing premise. On a brighter note, it’s great to see Gary Busey affectionately mentioning Lori whenever he’s promoting the movie indicating that’s she’s much adored in the industry.

No surprises in knowing that Lori’s a distinguished acting coach, empowering aspiring actors from all walks of life who laud her with the highest praise for her teaching methods. And how about that sexy, sultry voice of hers which would make anyone take a treasured notice. Her dexterity in the evolution of the characters she’s done over the years and the verve she enlightens with each is so commendable. With the passion she has for her craft, Lori is due for reciprocal devotion from audiences.

Check out the LORI TRIOLO OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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