Sci Fi London Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Petra Bryant


With her fetching presence on several films of note, Czech-born British darling Petra Bryant is destined to be one of the most desirable starlets in 2016 and beyond. This week she stars in the sci-fi flick “Abduct” as Lyra, a Russian UFO Researcher and she’s joined by Sienna Guillory and William B. Davis a.k.a. Cigarette Smoking Man. With its talented cast and the themes that are a treat for sci-fi fans including conspiracy theories about aliens, paranormal incidents and insidious Men In Black, “Abduct” is one to savour until the final reel. Continuing this supernatural theme, Petra can also be seen in the UK horror movie “My Guardian Angel” where she plays Elena, a school teacher who bonds with an autistic girl Hannah. As their relationship strengthens, Elena’s concern for Hannah’s wellbeing deepens and Petra supplants her benevolent character with compassionate finesse. It’s wonderful to see the likeable Petra being part of the atmospheric British Horror Film Revival we’ve seen this year such as “The Witch” and “The Boy”.


Her versatility is truly coming to the fore with a novel to small screen adaptation called “Girl On A Rocking Horse” and roles in rom-coms “For The Love Of George” as well as “The Wedding Invitation”. She also has the action film “Fallen Eagle” in the works and will return to the sci-fi genre with “The Last Scout” which is about the adventures of a crew on a spaceship deployed into space after a nuclear war. The heavenly Petra is very much in our minds as an irresistible screen siren to watch.

Do visit the PETRA BRYANT OFFICIAL SITE as there is a wealth of info on this lovely lady including her interesting blog posts about her films and more.

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