Sunscreen Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Karen Strong


Being smitten with Karen Strong is a snap as her vivaciousness stands out instantly and would be held in high regard. As Laura, the attractive love interest she plays in the web series “Dogs & Me”, her romantic liaison is a tad complicated with the fact her paramour Matt (Matt Rocklin) happens to be a dog whisperer. A struggling actor in Hollywood, he’s trying to get this big break while the jury is out if his 2 talking dogs is helping or hindering his progress. This of course spills into his budding romance with Karen’s Laura which sets up for an entertaining stream of wacky comic flavour. Laura’s chemistry with Matt and their alternating quips will elicit a smile from the masses as will the brutally honest tongues of both dogs. Exposing Laura as a nose picker/booger eater to their master Matt is a recipe for trouble! Check Karen out in the episodes “Movie Night” and “Date Night” for she’s perfectly sardonic on top of being such a doll.

I’m doing my part to put the ladies of the web such as the luscious Karen on the map for they too should be in demand. Karen and her peers are crafting comedic gold on a medium seen by millions so glorifying them is essential. Can’t wait to revel in the delightful attributes of the gorgeous Karen who is deserving of a leading lady role on her own show.

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