British Vixen: Ione Butler


Ravishing UK enchanter Ione Butler is steadily gaining favourable attention especially since she’s starring in a film that’s destined for cult status. She’s kicking ass in “Zoombies” as Lizzy, the fearless security guard who has to use her street smarts to face a horde of zombie-affected animals. Melding the much adored zombie survival, creature feature and apocalyptic viral epidemic sub-genres with references to Jurassic Park is going to make this horror flick a thrill ride. Even the koala makes a nasty appearance, a far cry from the cute adorable bear from Down Under we’re familiar with. The Asylum may have just unearthed one of its most dynamic leading ladies in Ione as she delivers on the gallant heroism of her character Lizzy. She’s also elegantly divine in every frame which ensures we’ll be under her spell for a really long time. We would love to see her fronting an action motion picture or two!


She’s been endorsed as having a comely disposition and with her ever growing appeal, it’s a wonderful thing to know Ione is now making headway in the US. In the compelling film “The Adored”, she showcased her dramatic chops as a sexy model Maia who is being lusted after by a female photographer. Ione also appeared on the first season of “CSI Cyber” and on the hilarious “Sex Sent Me To The ER”. Even in the gaming world, she’s familiar to millions of online gamers as Susanna Moyer, the face of Ingress, the augmented-reality massively multiplayer online location-based game. Ione’s omnipresent charm on multiple mediums is only going to propel to her to bigger heights in the industry.

Do check out the IONE BUTLER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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