Sizzling Actresses To Adore @ Bentonville Film Festival

Tara Samuel in “Wild Prairie Rose”


– It’s because of the rivetingly entrancing Tara Samuel that my passion for indie talents is infinite and she has a way of imprinting her mesmeric mark on film.
– As the rare yet enthralling breed of romantic leading lady Rose in “Wild Prairie Rose” who falls for a deaf mechanic, Tara embraces the the revolution of women during the 1950s. She is exceptionally beautiful and will come across as divine in every frame.
– Personifying boundless and genuinely wondrous indie spirit, Tara should already be anointed as one of Canada’s premier actresses.

Castille Landon in “Albion: The Enchanted Stallion”


– The very adorable Castille Landon is set to bring magical reverie to the world as the director/writer/actress of the fantasy film “Albion: The Enchanted Stallion”.
– Don’t miss her in fine fettle as the warrior Eriu who aids a 12-year old girl touted as a saviour of a mythical kingdom. Kudos to Castille for attaching such a illustrious cast that includes Debra Messing, John Cleese and Jennifer Morrison who we adore as a fairytale icon.
– There’s every reason to conceive that 2016 is going to be a breakout year for Castille as she imprints her charismatic enchantment both on and off screen.

Dana Delorenzo, Lilan Bowden, Corsica Wilson & Anne Gregory in “The Mad Ones”


– When you chance upon the cutest women on film in this case 4 darlings in the dramedy “The Mad Ones”, suffice to say our fondness is at a high. Certainly Dana, Lilan, Corsica and Anne have been habitually featured on this blog and we’re addicted.

– As the lead in “The Mad Ones”, Dana affirms that it’s an indie film she’s very proud of and we too love that she’s so groovy as the sultry, bold Kelly Maxwell in “Ash vs. Evil Dead”.

– Lilan is a masterful funny woman who should be ranked as one of the hottest comediennes in the world! Till this day I’m mesmerised by her parody of StreetFighter icon Chun-Li.

– Baby-faced beauty Corsica beguiles with her comeliness and with numerous features to be released in 2016, she’s a starlet to embrace with much ardor.

– The ebullient Anne is a wonderful sassy comedic talent and she was memorably so much raucous fun in the hilarious “Drunk Wedding”.

Marissa Skell in “Te Ata”


– One of the most versatile indie talents we’ve come to fervently approve, Marissa Skell was notably the scene-stealer of the comedy horror “Love In The Time Of Monsters”.
– Delving into the expanse of drama, she stars in the biopic “Te Ata” as Margaret, the friend of the dauntless Te Ata (Q’orianka Kilcher) who is renowned for overcoming cultural barriers to become an eminent Native American actress.
– In the upcoming sci-fi film “Watch The Sky”, Marissa joins Renee O’Connor of Xena: Warrior Princess fame so July is the month we get to fixate dotingly on this most lovely blonde.

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