Rising Starlet: Anna Konkle


As a fan, I’m yet again blessed to be fawning over television’s enchanter Anna Konkle who has a starring role on “Rosewood” as DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff. Well she’s actually been a delight for quite some time as TMI who happens to be the fiancee of heroic pathologist Rosewood’s sister, Pippy (Gabrielle Dennis). The chemistry between the duo is beautifully palpable and Tara’s backstory is a big reason why audiences are tuning in to “Rosewood”. With Anna’s gift of embracing Tara’s witty ethos, smart women are coming to the forefront with a fresh spin, in keeping with the procedural format of the engagingly playful show by the FOX network. She’s also thrusting a long marginalised face in society into mainstream media as one of the main characters of a fascinating entrant on TV. With “Rosewood” gaining a renewal for Season 2, the enigmatic facets of Anna and the cast including lead Morris Chestnut have boosted the medical drama into a sleeper hit.


It has been a whirlwind period for Anna in the throes of such a successful show and despite her busy schedule, did so kindly touched based with me. Anna is definitely on my list of most interesting actresses and hopefully I’ll get to do an interview with her to pick her captivating brain. Anna previously played a lesbian opposite Cameron Esposito in the third season of “Maron”, proving she’s a whiz at infusing comedy within the humanistic drama. Similarly, she would be seriously appealing to the male viewer too having exhibited her sensuality in an episode of the Jay Baruchel comedy “Man Seeking Woman”. Anna’s relatable and effusively charming qualites is destined to make her an in-demand actress for years.

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