Actress Spotlight: Jessica Richards


The massively appealing Jessica Richards could be your infatuation this week as her feature film debut is primed for a deluge of praise. She stars as the opulent Rose in “Opening Night”, a tale of on-stage disasters and off-stage meltdowns at a high school’s production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare seems to be the in-thing after it became a central theme of an episode on “Castle” and now it goes to the big screen in enthralling fashion with the release of “Opening Night”. The dramedy is showing up everywhere, on iTunes, Amazon, dish, VOD, and more so audiences can revel in the ambrosial delights of the inviting Jessica Richards. Directed by Jack Henry Robbins, the son of Susan Sarandon takes on the Bard and unveils a range of colourful players from unruly high school theater kids to the welcomed introduction of William Shakespeare’s ghost. One thing can be affirmed is that Jessica is genuinely captivating as the aspiring theater sweetheart Rose and it’s merited to see her endorsed as a Girl Crush.


Acknowledged as a stirring talent who imbues an effective honesty of the women she’s played on screen, Jessica is deserving of our affection. She’s also been a radiant presence in several intriguing shorts which have roused up the film festival scene. From playing a woman who wakes up with a mysterious device stuck on her back in “The Conductor” to being part of “Natural Insemination”, the hilarious comedy about a couple’s desperate need for a baby, Jessica is a revelation in varying genres. 2016 is shaping to be the year of breakout stars and she’s more than ready to assume the prestigious mantle.

Do drop by the JESSICA RICHARDS OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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