Actress Spotlight: Lisa Roumain


Our endless awe of women on television grows unabated with the alluring entrance of the elegant Lisa Roumain. If you need any more proof that Lisa is one of the sexiest women in the world, then tune in this week’s episode of “Rush Hour” to see her sizzle as cartel head Elisa Montoya. So much so even Justin Hires who plays James Carter complimented how elegant she looked in her beautiful red dress. Away from the camera, Lisa can steal many a heart and her vibrant heritage of Hispanic/Italian/Haitian/Scottish gives her a genuinely desirable edge. As the deadly beauty Elisa, she’s the flawless blend of ruthlessness and dominating sensuality , a villainess of bewitching repute. Lisa is reprising her role in a future episode of “Rush Hour” and will surely provoke an avid discussion about whether she returns to her delectably evil ways having been apprehended or does she become a turncoat instead?

Lisa is also active in independent film and she’s appearing in 2 which are making the festival rounds this year. The first is a supporting role in “American Bred” which tells of the fall of the last crime syndicate in Detroit. The second sees her starring in the comedy “Dating Daisy” as Ana, a mother who match-makes her daughter to Michael, the still hung on his ex protagonist. Just like her magnetic eyes, she would have already cast a spell on indie film fans the world over. At the same time, Lisa is making the small screen such an enticing watch this month.

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