Bentonville Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Screen Siren Christina Moore


The stunning Christina Moore is a remarkably magnetic actress and is impressing us with her impeccable radiance in multiple films this week. Not only is she an enchanting vision in the drama “Running Wild”, she’s also the co-writer of this sweepingly emotional drama that has Sharon Stone as its leading lady. As the baddie Meredith Parish, she is on a head-on collision with Stella Davis (Dorian Brown Pham), a widow trying to save her ranch by working with convicts lead by Jon Kilpatrick (Tommy Flanagan of Sons Of Anarchy fame) to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses. Christina’s through provoking and moving screenplay covers prejudice, greed as well as the ceaseless bureaucracy that seems to put decent folk at a disadvantage in life. She will also be attending the premiere of “Running Wild”, another incentive to look for out this up and coming film auteur.

Come July, Christina is at her dazzling best once more in “The Dog Lover” as Cassie Sumpter who assigns Sara Gold (Allison Paige), an animal rights activist to an investigation of a large-scale dog-breeding operation. Of course things come to a head when Sara discovers that the exposé she’s after is so far from the truth and she’s driven to uphold justice for those accused. Yet again, we can confirm Christina is a Goddess, the camera glorifying her lustrous beauty that’s in abundance. The countless times she’s graced this blog are splendid moments indeed, her finesse as a comedienne and drama mistress equally precious. One of the most ebulliently sexy actresses of our generation, Christina is an endearing addiction in our lives!

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