Bentonville Film Festival Spotlight 2016: Rising Starlet Candice Michele Barley


Passionate attention is gathering pace for the graceful and talented Candice Michele Barley, independent film’s darling of the moment. She stars in “Saved By Grace” as Jenna, the wife of Joey Lawrence’s Rick, a former police officer wallowing in the darkest period of his life. His redemption comes in the form of an enigmatic woman Grace (Catalina Rodriguez) who teaches him that the most precious thing is his life is family. Candice is in attendance at the Bentonville Film Fest so for those who are there, it’s the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with her. While most of us have an inkling of the fate of her character Jenna in “Saved By Grace”, we are already waiting intently to see her future incarnations up on the screen as Candice believes in portraying credible facets of women that are relevant in this age. Her refreshing push for positivity on film is to be praised with reverence.

In the soon to be released inspirational tearjerker “Race To Win”, she stars as Anne Rhodes, the emotionally wrought widow who is coming to terms with the loss of her husband Gentry Rhodes (Luke Perry). With an impending loss of their horse ranch, her daughter Hannah (Danielle Campbell) summons up the indomitable courage to find a way to revive their family fortunes. The upcoming “The Hollow”, a gritty political murder mystery set in the deep south sees her alongside grizzled veteran William Sadler. I recently got some amazing feedback from a wonderful actress about my support for women on film and with eye-catching charmers such as Candice fronting such memorably stirring stories, extolling their virtues in entertainment is limitless.

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