Maryland Film Festival Spotlight 2016: British Vixen Laura Waddell


Laura Waddell is the epitome of the beloved English Rose and her vivaciousness is in full display this weekend. She’s a standout in the risqué retro-stylised “The Love Witch” as Trish, the bubbly landlord who is befriended by the foxy Elaine (Samantha Robinson), our titular magic-wielding temptress. Despite her pagan beliefs, the two bond over their shared troubles with relationships. Laura adds a level of comic flavour that will be a treat for audiences but by the end one can fathom all good things must come to an end. “The Love Witch” more than harks back to days of literary horror, paying homage to classics such as “The Wicker Man” with is daring focus on pagan witchery and nubile women who are carefree in their displays of nudity during rituals. Ultimately it’s both story about women in love as well as how they deal with power that’s bestowed upon them which often comes at a grave price.

As seen in the music industry, indie films such as “The Love Witch” are re-fashioning themselves to keep up with cinephiles and their ever shifting tastes. Its use of visual imagery from the era of 60s Technicolor and its myriad of titillating themes can only mean we will willingly submit to this spellbinding hex. Likewise our love for Laura is destined to grow tenfold for she’s an absolute delight to watch as we follow her character Trish on her journey from endearment to tragedy. The fetching Laura is a desirable talent on the verge of a run of successes and adulation in the industry

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