Sizzling Cutie: Presciliana Esparolini


Presciliana Esparolini has divine radiance in abundance and as we’ve been fascinated by the trend on TV since last year, she could well be a face to cherish. She has a recurring role in the NBC series “Game Of Silence” playing Lena, the friend of Detective Liz Winters (Deidrie Henry) who is a major player in the ever developing murder mystery plot trajectory. With her brother Robby unable to shake off his drug dealing ways, Presciliana’s Lena becomes the shoulder to cry on and smooths over Liz’s self doubts. Known as a strong-willed talent, she’s used that to good effect, depicting Lena with an assuredness that’s becoming of a woman providing much needed emotional support for her best friend. Let’s hope “Game Of Silence” sheds more light into Lena’s backstory in future episodes.

She’s regularly been a guest-star on several thrilling shows which include “NCIS”, “Stalker” and “Ray Donovan”. Presciliana has also been an endearing draw on stage and some have noted that her delightful performances are very much worthy of the ticket to see her. Now that she’s giving us a taste of her magical touch on television, affection for the classy Presciliana is set to thrive.

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