Actress Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney


Potently mesmeric, the beautiful Sydney Sweeney is giving us glimpses at the wealth of her inviting traits. She’s starring in “The Horde” which melds action with the torture porn that’s in the vein of “Hostel” meets “The Hills Have Eyes”. As photography student Hailey Summers, a harrowing experience is inflicted upon her when she and her classmates are accosted by a clan of disfigured cannibals whilst on a school expedition. Their only hope is John Crenshaw (Paul Logan), an Ex-Navy Seal who engages the sadistic killers with maximum fury as the hunters become the hunted. Can Sydney’s Hailey survive to the end as The Final Girl? Fans across the globe can find out her fate by catching “The Horde” which is now available at iTunes,, VUDU and GooglePlay.

Sydney has entrancingly represented young women caught up in alarming situations such as her role as Emma who is kidnapped to be sold by human traffickers in the rousing “Stolen From Suburbia”. In the action thriller “Relentless”, she assumes the role of Ally and once more showed her gritty side as the unfortunate victim seized by criminals from Central America. Sydney is also taking on what will be a most challenging role in the upcoming horror film “Tell Me Your Name” which sees her as a troubled Ashley who is eventually possessed by a demonic entity. She has previously played the younger version of Amber Heard in another horror flick “The Ward”. Sydney is a genuinely exciting prospect who could be emulating Amber’s meteoric rise in the near future.

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